Ideas for lesbian weddings

Weddings may bring family and friends together to share joyful best wishes for the brides in a lesbian wedding. Although the planning process may bring challenges to any bridal couple, the reward comes as you share your ceremony in the company of people who believe in your love and your devotion to each other.

Vacation Weddings

Plan something peaceful and serene as you hop a plane, train or automobile; visit a place that has significance to both of you. Ask family and friends to meet you several days into your vacation, so you have time to purchase your marriage license and get past the waiting period. You can do some sightseeing and share intimate moments together, while you wait.

Check with as you are planning your trip. Some bead and breakfast inns offer wedding packages where they will do much of the organisation for you and a few even offer an on-site wedding officiant. You bring your wedding finery, special objects and invite your guests. The bread and breakfast inn staff decorate, assist with reception foods and provide information you need about local services to make your lesbian wedding a dream come true.

Flower Garden Weddings

Flowers make wonderful wedding decorations. Why not plan your wedding at a local flower garden or arboretum? Most arboretums have wedding packages; they can help you create a colourful and aromatic ceremony surrounded by the beauty of nature. Some offer lovely indoor areas for receptions, dressing and for moving the wedding inside when the weather doesn't cooperate. Prices for the package may vary according to the services you require.

Local parks may also include some breathtaking garden areas that can accommodate your wedding. Some may allow you to reserve covered areas for little or no cost, providing you shelter from the sun or rain when necessary. The brides and attendants will probably need to show up in their wedding clothes, but most other wedding needs can be taken care of on location.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

If green living is a passion you both share, create an environmentally friendly wedding. Send invitations by e-mail. Pick your wedding flowers from local gardens or your local florist.

Choose your wedding attire from high-end resale shops or borrow gowns from family or friends. You might choose your wedding dresses or suits from what you already have in your closet, or you may opt to pick something you will be able to wear again after the wedding.

Choose organic ingredients from local gardens and farmer's markets for the reception. Use real dishes and serving utensils instead of plastic; toss flower petals, bird seed or use bubbles for your grand send off.

The Unexpected Wedding

Invite friends and family over for a party; don't tell them it's a wedding. Have them bring a dish and ask them to dress up or down according to your preference. Hand your guests disposable cameras at the door and ask them to take pictures at the party.

Start the music and invite your guests to help you celebrate your lesbian union. Bring your officiant to the centre of the room and exchange your vows.

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