Cute things to put into a gift basket for your boyfriend on Valentine's Day

Updated July 20, 2017

Gift baskets on Valentine's Day make charming presents for your beloved, especially when filled with items your boyfriend can use. Knowing your lover's hobbies and favourite past-times will make a different type of gift instead of traditional chocolates and sweets. Baskets with a theme representing an important hobby or time in your relationship makes a romantic and incomparable gift idea.

Undies Bouquet

Purchase several pairs of underwear or boxers in various colours and prints. Roll each pair, and secure with rubber bands to make a stem. Leave 2 inches from the top open. Gently poof and shape the top into a blossom shape, and stand the underwear up in the basket. Spritz the underwear flowers with a light floral scent if desired. Your beau will be pleasantly surprised at the amusing but definitely usable idea of an undies basket.

First Date Dinner Basket

First dates typically include dinner, so re-create your first date dinner in a basket to be used either on Valentine's Day or at a later date. Stick a bottle of the wine or drink served that night inside, along with a loaf of the bread shared. Purchase a package of the main course to be made for dinner, or substitute gift tokens to be used for purchasing the main course. Slip in a premade piece of dessert to sweeten the deal.

Squeaky Clean

If your guy loves his car, a basket filled with car wash and cleaning supplies will tickle his fancy. Nestle soap, interior wipes, car wax and tire cleaner between a new washing mitten and a red sponge cut into a heart shape. Hang an unopened air freshener in his favourite scent from the basket handle. A romantic CD with some of his and your favourite tunes compliments the gift, and can be appreciated together on your next trip.

Movie Date Night

Going to the movies makes a classic date night, especially when shared at home together. Line packages of popcorn around the basket, then add a box or two of your boyfriend's favourite candy. Cans of his favourite soda can help support a brand new DVD of a movie he loves, or include gift tokens to the local cinema for a night out together.

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