Innovative Ideas for Offertory at Catholic Mass

Updated April 17, 2017

Offertory is a special time during the Catholic Mass in which gifts are brought up to the altar as an offering to God. Aside from the symbolic offering of bread and wine, which represents the body and blood of Christ, money that is collected from the church goers is also offered. These gifts are meant as an act of charity and are to be distributed to the needy. These gifts can also uplift the morale of people who are in emotional or physical distress. Include items aside from the symbolic bread and wine and money in the offertory to make a difference.

Basket of Fruits

Fruits are traditional gifts during celebrations such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. They can also be offered during offertory in a Catholic mass. You can put an assortment of fruits, such as apples, grapes and oranges, in a basket and wrap them in cellophane paper. Tie a ribbon and your fruit basket is ready to go.

Canned Food

Canned food is a practical gift to offer, as it will not spoil easily. You might also include canned meat, such as sausages, corned beef and soup. If the offertory is in a school setting, teachers can collect canned food from students and let them offer it during mass. Students can also choose to which charity they would like to donate the food.


Offertory gifts don't necessarily have to be edible. Homemade cards can be meaningful gifts, too. Kindergarten students can make their own cards of encouragement for nursing home patients and include them in the offertory. Not only will the patients appreciate the kind thoughts, but this will also teach the children the value of giving and caring for others.


There are many intangible things that people can offer, one of which is music. The offertory period in the mass can be made more joyful with lively music sung by talented choir members and church goers. This will create a feeling of community between the church goers and will make giving even more joyful.


Flowers are a testament to the beauty of nature and will be a nice addition to the offertory gifts. The act of giving can be made even more special if children present the flowers during offertory. Fresh flowers that are colourful and vibrant will also add life to the church.

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