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How to send & receive anonymous text messages

Updated June 13, 2017

Whether you want to play a prank on a friend or send a message to someone you're interested in, several sites allow you to send anonymous text messages to a cell phone. Keep in mind that sending threatening or otherwise abusive messages could result in legal problems for you. You cannot send an anonymous text message from your phone, and remember that your friends may be charged for the text messages you send. Anyone who has a cell phone with texting enabled can receive anonymous texts.

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  1. Use an online anonymous text messaging service like AnonText or TxtEmNow to begin sending your message. In the field for the recipient's cell phone number, enter the phone number with area code. Do not include dashes or hyphens between numbers.

  2. Enter a name or an alias in the field for your name, or leave it blank if you wish to remain anonymous. You can choose to leave an e-mail address if you want the recipient to be able to contact you. Other fields may be available, including Subject, which you may fill in or leave blank. You may also be asked to indicate whether the recipient lives in the United States or Canada. Fill in any other desired fields.

  3. Write your message in the "Message" field. You will be limited to messages of 150 characters or less. Double-check the information you have entered, and click "Submit" if you are satisfied with your message. Remember not to send threatening or abusive messages, as such messages are usually against the text message service's terms of service.

  4. Tip

    Check the text messaging service's terms of service before you begin sending messages. Not only will this ensure that you do not violate these terms, but you may also find out that the service sells the phone numbers you enter to third parties. Do not use services that request information like Social Security numbers. Anyone with text messaging enabled on a cell phone can receive text messages, including anonymous ones sent from websites. If you receive a text from services like AnonTxt, the website should be listed within the text itself. Visit that site to have your phone number blocked if you do not want anymore texts.


    Avoid sending messages that could cause unnecessary stress or fear for your friends. Text messaging services should not be used to stalk someone. A message sent as a "joke" could result in legal, school or workplace problems. Avoid sending multiple text messages to the same phone number in a short period of time. The service may automatically block you for sending spam.

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