Sweet Things to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Updated April 17, 2017

Just as women need constant reminders that they are loved and appreciated, men need reassurance as well. Surprising your boyfriend with a romantic evening, gift or gesture is a sure way to deepen the love that is within your relationship. A romantic surprise is not meant to be exceedingly expensive or flamboyant, rather sentimental and thoughtful.

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

A romantic scavenger hunt is a very sentimental way to surprise your boyfriend; this sweet surprise is a definite way to catch your boyfriend off guard. To create a scavenger hunt, you first need to decide what it is you want your boyfriend to find. For instance, if your boyfriend is into football, then purchase tickets to his favourite team's game for him and a close friend to attend. Or, if your boyfriend is a workaholic, create a scavenger hunt that will lead to a nice warm bubble bath followed by a nice candlelit dinner. After deciding on a romantic gift or evening, map out where you would like your boyfriend to search for his surprise. For example, your boyfriend's hunt can be restricted to your home or as far as to where you both first met. To lead your boyfriend to his destination, use short notes such as, "Go to the place where we keep our most cherished keepsakes." After your boyfriend begins the search and the surprise is revealed, he will be more than grateful to have you as his girlfriend.

Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway is a great way for your boyfriend to take time out of his busy schedule to relax and really have fun, as well as spend more quality time with you. Before planning the getaway, gather information about your boyfriend's likes and dislikes. For example, a list of likes may include things such as "outdoors" or "camping," while a list of dislikes may include things such as "water activities" or "busy cities." The list you create will help you decide the best place to take your boyfriend for his surprise weekend getaway. A weekend getaway does not have to be an expensive trip across the world or a cruise to the Caribbean islands, though that would be spectacular. If you choose to stay at home for the weekend, make sure you have the house to yourselves to prevent any unwanted disruptions of your boyfriend's perfect weekend getaway. Each day, have meals prepared for your boyfriend, and do thoughtful things for him such as ironing his clothes or giving him back massages. Make plans for every day of his surprise getaway. For instance, take him to a movie that he's been dying to see on Friday, take him on a romantic picnic in the park on Saturday; and sit at home with him and watch his favourite football team play on television on Sunday. The romantic weekend getaway will be a surprise that he will never forget.

Mixed CD

Making a mixed CD for your boyfriend is a sweet and adoring way to surprise him. Before creating the CD, think of all the songs you and your boyfriend love hearing together. Also, think of any songs that were playing during certain milestones in your relationship, such as the first date or anniversary dinner. The first song placed on the CD should be something sentimental and moving, but the entire CD should not just include slow songs. Add music tracks from his favourite artist, as well as songs in his preferred genre from an artist your boyfriend has not yet discovered. After creating the CD, decorate the front of it using a permanent marker. For instance, you can draw little heart shapes and write phrases such as, "Something special for a special boyfriend." Every time your boyfriend listens to the CD you created, he will think of you and appreciate the time you spent creating his special surprise.

Flowers and Chocolates

We often hear about men surprising their girlfriends at work with flowers and chocolates, but it is also a good way for you to surprise your boyfriend as well. When your boyfriend is sitting at work possibly bored or exhausted and then suddenly surprised by a dozen roses and box of chocolates; it will surely bring a smile to his face. You can choose to self-deliver the flowers and chocolates or hire a floral delivery company, but make sure a sweet note is attached to the flowers or chocolates. Your sweet and thoughtful delivery will definitely make him the hot topic among his coworkers for a while.

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