Birthday Party Places for Teen Girls

Written by stuart jones | 13/05/2017
Birthday Party Places for Teen Girls
Chocolates and candles are a must for teen birthday parties. (birthday party favours image by Photoeyes from

Teens love celebrations and partying and if the occasion is their birthday, the euphoria is even bigger. If you plan to throw a party for your teen daughter's birthday, ask her friends about her likes and dislikes.

Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are ideal places for shopping as well as celebrations. Take the birthday girl and her guests to the mall and arrange a scavenger hunt. Give each girl a fixed amount of money, a fixed time limit and a list of items. Ask them with the money; the girl who buys the most items within the limited time will be the winner.

Bowling Alley

Bowling alleys are more of a hangout place for teenagers than they used to be. These bowling alleys have bowling lanes for different age groups, as well as restaurants and other games for the teenagers to chill out.


Dance and music is synonymous with most of teens, especially girls. Tell your daughter and her guests to dress in '70s disco clothing and take them to a local disco or dance club.

Beach or Water Park

Take your daughter and her guests to a water park or a beach on her special day. Let the girls know about your beach or water park plans in advance, so they have plenty of time to get their swimsuits and beach gear ready.

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