Finger Food Ideas for a Baby Shower Food Menu

Updated February 21, 2017

Finger foods are ideal for fun and informal baby showers. When choosing food items, party planners have a wealth of options from which to choose. Healthy finger foods are a great option to promote good nutrition choices for the mother-to-be and her guests. Of course, most baby showers would not be complete without a sweet snack or two. Try to balance sugary specialities with some savoury healthy items as well.

Fruit Tarts

Fruit tarts add colour to any baby shower's food table. Tarts can be made easily in small bite-size servings, topped with delicious berries, grapes or kiwi. Jam and custard also can be added to give an extra, thicker flavour. Make small cut-outs from the dough of the pie crust to decorate the top of the tarts. Small stars or baby-themed cookie cutters are perfect for creating cut-outs that can be placed atop each tart.

Frosted Pretzels

Pretzel sticks are finger foods that are easily decorated to suit the theme of your baby shower. Pretzels can be dipped in white chocolate or melted candy and decorated with blue or pink icings for guests to choose. Sanding sugar or sprinkles also make toppings. Wrap each pretzel in clear plastic and tie with twist ties and ribbons. To make your goodies an especially memorable food favour, attach small paper cut-outs of baby items from card stock using a die cutter or pre-made scrapbook embellishments.

Lollipop Cookies

Lollipop cookies are made by placing wooden sticks inside the cookie dough before baking. Simple sugar cookies are easily transformed into cute shower lollipops by icing in a variety of pastel colours. Cookies can be decorated to look like flowers, pinwheels or more elaborate baby-shaped items. For more basic cookie lollipops, ice with frosting and use baby-themed sprinkles for decoration. Sprinkles are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, including rattles, baby pins, ducks, bottles and pacifiers.

Carriage-Shaped Sandwiches

Small finger food sandwiches are great for afternoon parties. To make your bite-sized bread even more appealing, cut the sandwiches in the shape of a pram using a carriage-shaped cookie cutter. Sandwiches can be garnished with bits of lettuce or mustard to dot the wheels or outline the upper sunshade. If you don't have a pram cookie cutter on hand, create more basic sandwiches by cutting them into the shape of a heart.

Veggies, Crackers, Dips and Cheese

Together with veggies and dips, crackers and cheese are staples at most social gatherings. To make your party platter more eye-catching for baby shower attendees, place your food items on a large baby-themed dish with matching napkins or plates. For cheese or meat items that use toothpicks, consider making small themed toothpick-toppers in the shape of a baby bottle or rattle. A variety of small baby-themed die cut shapes are commercially available. The small foam or paper die cuts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including bottles, rattles, baby shoes, diapers and diaper pins.

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