My Mercedes W208 CLK Has Transmission Problems

Updated April 17, 2017

The Mercedes-Benz CLK series with a W208 comes in a variety of models and years. The manufacturer is publishing technical service bulletins concerning problems with the transmission some CLK owners are experiencing. Other automobile review and reports websites list a host of transmission problems found in the W208 CLK.

Transmission Leaking

A TSB is published on the 2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK series with a W208 concerning a transmission leak. According to the manufacturer, the pilot bushing is the transmission is installed with the wrong sealing rings. These sealing rings are creating a small leak in the transmission causing the transmission to shift harshly because of low transmission fluid. The sealing rings need to be replaced to correct this problem.

Transmission Component Failure

A report on the Mercedes-Benz CLK series with a W208 concerns internal transmission component failure. The gears and linkage in the automatic transmission is causing the transmission to shift roughly or jerk between gears during acceleration. This problem occurs between acceleration of first and second gear as well as deceleration of third to second and second to first gear. The Mercedes-Benz has updated internal parts that need to be installed to correct this problem.

Transmission Wire Connector

The transmission wire connector on the Mercedes-Benz CLK series W208 is creating a leak in the transmission. The wire connected to the linkage is not installed properly, creating a rub on the seals of the linkage which creates a leak. The wire connector and seals need to be replaced to correct this transmission problem in the Mercedes-Benz.

Driveshaft Cracked

The Mercedes-Benz CLK series W208 has reports of the driveshaft flex disc cracking causing the driveshaft to vibrate, damaging the internal components of the transmission. The crack causes a harsh vibration that flows to the transmission and driveshaft connection breaking the connection. This damage causes major internal transmission damage to the point that the transmission does not work. The transmission needs rebuilt or replaced and the flex disc requires replacing to correct the problem.

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