Secretary Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Secretary Halloween costumes are sexy because they mix innocent with intelligence. The best part about a secretary costume is that it is cheap to create and easily recognisable. Simply throw on a pair of glasses, a tie, and rock a sexy, loose up-do. Make it a couple's costume and tell your guy to throw on a suit to be "the boss."

Sexy Secretary Costume

If you want to be sexy, but still keep something up to the imagination, start with a short, form-fitting, V-neck black dress. You can wear knee-high black sheer socks or fish nets for a sexy look, go bare-legged, or wear sheer black stockings if you feel too exposed. High-heeled black pump shoes will work with this look, giving it added sex appeal. Make sure to wear rimmed glasses and tie your hair up in a loose bun. You may want to add a small tie too. Throw on some glasses and you're good to go.

Sexier Secretary Costume

Fashion Style Advice suggests that secretaries should wear blazers. To make it a sexy look, put on a one- or two-button blazer that is meant to be worn over another shirt, only you will not be wearing an undershirt. It is meant to expose your stomach and cleavage. This can be solid or pinstriped. Wear skinny and low-rising black trousers that hug the skin and bare the mid drift. Add the glasses, tie up the hair, and throw on some heels. You may even want to carry a brief case instead of a purse.

Sexiest Secretary Costume

Long pencil skirts are often associated with secretary or business woman attire. Buy a tight pin or pencil skirt that falls right above the knee. Make sure that it fits on your waist. Wear a black push-up or lace bra. Over the bra, wear a small white wrap cardigan. Tie the knot underneath your breasts so your stomach is still revealed, while still covering your breasts. You can add a small bow tie or necktie. Create the bun in your hair, put on the glasses, grab a briefcase and step into a pair of black stilettos.

Other Secretary Costume Ideas

If you want your look to be as simple as possible, wear a pinstriped suit with classic black heels and, of course, glasses. Carry a briefcase and possibly throw on a tie. If you would like to add even more sex appeal, buy a very short mini skirt or pinstriped boy shorts. Pair it with a matching bra or a bandeau top, a tie, high heels, cuff links and sexy glasses.

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