Stihl 070 Chain Saw Specs

Written by becky lower | 13/05/2017
Stihl 070 Chain Saw Specs
A Stihl 070 chain saw makes quick work of cutting a tree into stove lengths. (wood image by vb_photo from

The Stihl Company has been making chain saws since 1926, when Andreas Stihl invented the first chain saw in Stuttgart, Germany. The Stihl 070 model chain saw was manufactured in the 1960s. Even though Stihl has discontinued it from their line of products, it is still available for purchase on many websites. Stihl has testimonials from users on the reliability of the saw even after 30 or 40 years of use, with proper maintenance.


The Stihl 070 has a two-stroke, air-cooled engine, with a displacement of 105cc, and a rated output power of 4.8kW.

Guide Bar

This is the Big Daddy of chain saws, with a guide bar length of 36 inches.


The mixed oil ratio is 1:25, and the oil tank capacity is 530ml.


The Stihl 070 uses regular gasoline, and the tank can hold 1,200ml at a time.

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