Husqvarna Model 162 Specifications Images

Husqvarna AB, a Swedish company, is one of the world leaders in producing chain saws, and they've been producing and selling chain saws under their own brand name and for other retailers for decades.

Their Model 162 chainsaw was introduced in 1976, and is sold as a heavy-duty chain saw for people who have periodic use for it, and is no longer listed as a current model on the company's website. It shares many of the same performance attributes with the current Husqvarna Model 61. In the 1990s, Husqvarna renamed many of its models so that the model number refers to the engine displacement in cubic centimetres.

Construction Details and Ergonomics

The Husqvarna 162 chain saw was built as a high-performance machine, and steps were taken to improve both durability and reduce weight. The principle feature for this is a magnesium crankcase. The air-filtration system uses a nylon filter next to a rotary-air intake, and the handle is set for a single user to use the saw, with a rigorous anti-vibration feature set to keep the chain saw easy to control. The SG variant of this model had heated handles.

Engine Specifications

The Husqvarna 62 has a 34mm (1.34 inch) piston stroke engine with a total engine displacement of 61.5 cubic centimetres (3.75 cubic inches). The single-cylinder engine is cast from aluminium with chrome plating on the bore to avoid engine gas corrosion. The total engine output of the very similar mode 61 is 2.9 kilowatts, or 3.9 horsepower, with idle RPMs of 2600 and a maximum engine speed of 8300 RPM, with a fuel tank of 0.75 litres.

Weight and Dimensions

The Husqvarna Model 162 chain saw, without additional attachments, weighed 7.05 kilograms, or a bit over 15.5lbs, and has a chain pitch of 3/8" wide. The guide-bar attachments ranged from 40 centimetres to 71 centimetres for this model.