Gifts for 10-Year Old Boys

Updated April 17, 2017

A 10-year-old boy can be difficult to shop for. By this age, most boys don't want gifts for children, yet they are too young to appreciate many gifts that teenagers love. Your safest best bet is to buy something that will complement hobbies, such as reading, playing sports, collecting or gaming.

Reading Material

Many 10-year-old boys love comic books. If you know which one he reads, see if a special collector's edition of that comic is available. If he is an outdoor enthusiast, you could buy him an age-appropriate book on birds, insects or weather. Some outdoor books come with accessories, such as a bird whistle with a bird book or a magnifying glass with an insect book. If he is into novels, you could buy him a book written by his favourite author, or a box set with a series he has been wanting to read. Finally, if he is a collector, you could buy him an information book about whatever it is he collects.

Sports Equipment

Plenty of 10-year-old boys are into at least one type of sport. If the boy you are shopping for has a favourite game, buy him something that will complement it. For example, if he loves basketball, consider buying him a backyard hoop. Many are adjustable so he can continue to use it as he grows. Other ideas include skates for an ice hockey player or a putting green for a mini-golf enthusiast. If he is not into sports but loves being active, you could buy him a bicycle or trampoline.


If the 10-year-old boy you are shopping for has a collection, use this as inspiration for his gift. For example, if he collects playing cards, stamps, hot wheels, coins or stickers, you can buy items to add to his collection. If he collects items from nature, you could buy him a book or organiser in which to store his collection. Alternatively, you could buy a collector's DVD that discuss the item he collects and how to care for the collection and identify items within it.


Video games are very popular among boys of all ages. Depending on your budget, you could buy him a new system, such as a Wii, Xbox or PlayStation. Handheld video games, such as a Nintendo DS and PSP, are also popular and have the added benefit of being portable. If you are looking for something more affordable, consider buying a game or two for a system he already owns. You could also buy accessories for his system, such as controllers, chargers, a carrying case or microphone.

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