Combination Bidet & Toilets

Updated February 21, 2017

Swiss inventor Hans Maurers first created the combination bidet and toilet -- also known as a shower toilet -- in 1957, according to Review Bidets. The specialised unit offers full waste disposal, like a traditional toilet, while also providing streams of water for cleaning, like a bidet. In addition to helping reduce toilet paper usage, a combination bidet and toilet is especially useful for people with limited mobility.

Neorest 600

The U.S.-based plumbing products company Toto produces the Neorest 600 bidet and toilet combination. The Neorest 600 is a highly automated unit, offering a hands-free automatic flushing system, a toilet lid that opens and closes automatically and a water-spraying nozzle that automatically cleans itself. The Neorest 600's nozzle pulsates and oscillates for thorough cleaning in both front and rear locations. Other features include an adjustable temperature setting for the bidet water, a heated toilet seat and a dryer that blows warm air.

Palma Vita

The U.K.-based toilet company Clos-o-Mat is the manufacturer of the Palma Vita combination bidet and toilet. With the Palma Vita, you initiate three distinct processes with the push of an elbow pad -- the point of the elbow pad being to eliminate hand-contact, increasing sanitation. The processes are flushing, wherein the unit flushes out waste; cleaning, wherein the unit sprays warm water; and drying, wherein the unit sprays warm air. The Palma Vita can support weights of approximately 190kg.

Lima Lift

Another combination bidet and toilet from the Clos-o-Mat company is the Lima Lift. Unlike the Palm Vita, the Lima Lift has an adjustable seat height, which makes the unit more ideal for households with multiple users of varying sizes. You control the seat height using a fingertip-operated infrared remote, which allows you to set the seat from 16.9 in. to 28.7 in. off the floor. Like the Palm Vita, the Lima Lift utilises a single operation for initiating flushing, water spraying and air drying.

Geberit AquaClean 800

The AquaClean 800 is a bidet and toilet combination from the U.K.-based company Geberit. Like all toilets in the Geberit's AquaClean line, the 800 comes with specialised cushions that dampen the noises associated with lowering a toilet seat or lid. In addition, the seat is removable for easy cleaning and has an ergonomic -- or form-fitting -- design. The bidet nozzle of the AquaClean 800 has adjustable pressure settings and provides oscillating movements, which spray water forward and backward. Unlike other bidet and toilet models, the 800 warms the water it sprays to body temperature, which is approximately 530 degrees Celsius. To increase sanitation, the bidet and toilet combo automatically rinses its nozzle with fresh water before and after each use.

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