Road Kill Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

When Halloween rolls around, it's time to start thinking costumes. If you want a slightly off the wall, unconventional costume, look no further than dressing up as road kill. Planning a road kill costume means thinking about how you want to wear your hair and make-up, as well as coming up with the right clothing to complete the look. While it's easy to do a road kill costume without being offensive or too disturbing, they are several considerations to ensure your costume is a hit.


Depending on your particular route with the road kill costume, you may not need to worry much about your hair. For a road kill costume with a hat or hood with ears or antlers, hair can simply be tied back if long enough, or not done at all for short hair. If your hair will be exposed, go with a messy style. Road kill rarely ever looks very well coiffed, so work on a bedhead look or anything that looks dishevelled. Many pomades can be found in stores to help with this look.


Like with zombie make-up, road kill make-up needs to give you a look as though you've shuffled off this mortal coil. Make-up applied should have grey or an equally dark base. Try giving yourself eye bags or sunken cheeks, anything that can help you to look dead and skeletal. If you have some talent applying make-up, or have some help with your costume, you can apply more complex make-up on areas. For instance, you could give yourself cuts, bruises and broken bones.


The clothing part of the costume depends upon which animal you want to portray as road kill. Common choices include raccoons, possums and squirrels. For a simple costume, you could simply dress in the colours of your animal of choice. More ambitious costumes could include actual raccoon costumes or other animals, made to look grungy for that road kill feel. Try to stick to lighter colours so that your accessories can be easily seen. Make your clothes look as tattered and torn as possible so that it properly conveys being run over.

Finishing Touches

The most obvious part of being road kill is to show the tire marks of being run over. Some people choose to spray-paint black on a real spare tire and roll it across their costume, while others may just paint the marks by hand. For blood, look for stage blood at costume supply stores. You can also create your own fake blood with corn syrup, cocoa powder and food colouring.

Things to Consider

When planning your costume, keep your audience in mind when deciding just how far to take your look. You may tailor your road kill costume differently when in the presence of children, coworkers or a potential in-law than if you were around old friends. Too gory a costume could be inappropriate for certain places. Additionally, a too-realistic road kill costume may be undesirable.

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