Bike Racks That Fit Tow Bars

Written by marysia walcerz | 13/05/2017
Bike Racks That Fit Tow Bars
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Bike racks are devices that can be attached to a car to safely transport bicycles. Bike racks can be attached the roof, boot or rear tow hitch of a car. When shopping for a bike rack, you can specify that you're looking for a rack that is compatible with a tow bar. If you do not already have a tow bar fitted to your car, you will first need to purchase and have one installed.

Companies Manufacturing Tow Bar Bike Racks

A number of companies make bike racks fitted to tow bars. Thule of Sweden makes a wide variety of bike racks designed for tow bars, such as the 964 Revolver, 954 Ridgeline, 971XT Helium, 990XT Doubletrack and the 958 Parkway. MaxxRaxx is another company manufacturing bike racks for tow bars, including the MXB02 Maxxraxx Premier Cycle Carrier, the MXD04 Maxxraxx Discovery Cycle Carrier, and the MXX04 MaxxRaxx 4x4 Cycle Carrier. Other companies making tow bar bike racks include Blue Ox Towbars, Witter Towbars and Rhino Rack.

Finding the Right Tow Bar Bike Rack

When choosing a tow bar bike rack, one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the number of bikes you need to tow. You can safely tow up to four bicycles on a car rear bike rack, and more if the tow bar is mounted on a truck. If you only have one bicycle, however, there's no need to purchase a more expensive bike rack that provides more towing space than you really need. Another factor to take into account is the amount of access you need to your boot, which can determine the bike rack style. Many bike racks swing out of the way for rear car access, but not all. Also take into consideration the amount of space the bike rack will be taking up when stowed on your car, and whether you use your tow rack for other things that might get in the way of a bike rack.


Tow bar bike racks range from £35 for a single-bike basic design all the way up to £325 for a premium four-bicycle hitch rack. Set a budget for yourself before looking for a tow bar bike rack, and remember to take into account having to purchase a tow bar if you don't already have one fitted to your vehicle. Bike racks are often priced by the number of bicycles they are designed to tow, so take your towing needs into account when setting a budget.

Where to Find Tow Bar-Mounted Bike Racks

Most tow bar bike rack manufacturers are based in the United Kingdom and Europe and supply their products overseas. You can look in your local bike supply store for bike racks and request a particular product if it doesn't stock it. You can also order your bike rack online from a company overseas, although the cost of shipping may be prohibitive.

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