Ideas for items to sell at arts & crafts fairs

Updated March 23, 2017

Arts and craft shows can be an ideal way to make income if you are creative and can make items to sell. It can also be profitable for those who have access to crafts at wholesale prices. Many towns have arts and crafts fairs that allow you to purchase space for a booth to sell your products. Finding the right items to sell is key to selling successfully at arts and crafts fairs.

Jewellery and Accessories

Beaded necklaces, headbands and leather wristbands are some of the jewellery items you can make and sell at craft fairs. If you have a burning tool, creating arm bands and head bands with names or personalised sayings on them can also bring in a profit. Homemade purses, either knitted or made from leather, are one of the accessories you can sell at an arts and crafts fair.

Caricature Drawings and Art

Display your drawings and paintings at an arts and crafts fair. You can also make money drawing caricatures at your booth. A caricature is a drawing depicting a person with exaggerated features. Many people enjoy having a personal caricature made. This is an ideal moneymaker for someone with drawing skills.

Ceramic and Scupltures

You can sell ceramic mugs, homemade clay vases and dishes, statues and clay sculptures at an arts and crafts fair. Original one-of-a-kind pieces can prove especially attractive to buyers.


A skilled woodworker can sell everything from small wooden carvings to original furniture at an arts and crafts fair. If you have a woodworking business separate from the fair circuit, passing out business cards can be an effective way to spread the word.

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