How to start & run a drain cleaning business

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One thing about drains is that sooner or later you can be sure they will get clogged. Running a drain cleaning business can be dirty work, but also quite profitable as people will often turn to experts to get the job done.

A good drain cleaning business will service residential, commercial, and industrial areas and unclog all types of drains including toilets, laundry drains, sewer lines, kitchens, bathrooms, pools and floor drains

Get experience in all aspects of the drain cleaning business by working for a plumber or drain cleaning company.

Ask which licenses, permits and registrations you will need in order to run your business in your area. Be thorough, so you won't have to worry about it later when your business is in operation.

Create your business plan. This will guide you through the early stages of your business and help keep you on track.

Promote your business. Have business cards and flyers printed and distribute them in your geographical area. Create a website and list your services, experience, and any testimonials you might have. Consider subcontracting for plumbers to get new clients fast.