How to start a concrete ornament business

rustic bird bath image by Alison Bowden from

Many people like to decorate their gardens, lawns, backyards and patios with concrete ornaments. This type of outdoor and garden decoration can take many forms, from bird baths to gnome statues.

Starting a concrete ornament business can be enjoyable and profitable for those passionate about gardening, but requires careful planning.

Decide whether you will purchase wholesale concrete ornaments and retail them, or make them yourself. If you want to make your own line of ornaments, study how to create them by purchasing books and DVDs about crafting lawn and garden ornaments.

Choose one or more venues to sell your concrete ornaments. Options include an online e-commerce store, flea market, brick and mortar storefront or inside of an existing business, such as a gardening centre or patio and outdoor furniture outlet.

Obtain the business licenses you need to legally operate a concrete ornament business. Depending upon where you live, this may include an employer identification number (EIN), resale permit, sales and use tax permit or assumed name certificate (DBA).

Purchase the equipment needed to create your own concrete ornaments, or buy them wholesale from a company such as Classic Stone or K&B Concrete Lawn Ornaments. You may be required to buy a minimum dollar amount, which typically ranges from £97 to £325.

Promote your concrete ornament business by launching a promotional website or blog, sending coupons and flyers to complementary businesses such as nurseries, lawn care companies and outdoor furniture stores or giving exclusive discounts to local gardening clubs.