How to Open a Mobile Bar

glass of alcohol image by Gleb Semenjuk from

A mobile bar takes the drinks to the customers and is an ideal opportunity for an independent business owner. Flexible time schedules and customised drink menus give mobile bar owners a niche in the party market.

Planning, entrepreneurial skills and promotional abilities will help you be successful with your mobile bar business.

Research the mobile bar business. Find out if there are other mobile bars operating in your area and learn how they function. Ask owners about the number of events they have booked to determine whether there is a viable local market for a mobile bar.

Prepare a business plan. The plan should explain your business, funding and expenses, including equipment and licenses.

Secure the means to be mobile. You can run mobile bars on tablecloth-covered planks sitting on beer kegs, in custom-built compact structures or from fully equipped trailers. Your choice will depend on your budget.

Locate financing for your mobile bar. You can use your own savings or request funding from a bank or venture capital firm. To secure a loan, you must present documentation of your business plan, repayment strategy and marketing plans.

Research the legal requirements for your business. Consult the licensing authority for your region to obtain a license to sell alcohol and register your business with the secretary of state. Learn about business tax obligations and other local laws or permits.

Promote your mobile bar business. Distribute business cards and brochures and advertise in local newspapers.