The organisational structure of T-Mobile

T-Mobile UK first appeared as a mobile communications brand in 2002. It developed from a mobile phone service known as Mercury One2One, which was founded in 1993. T-Mobile has grown to become part of the biggest mobile network in the UK and offers its customers both monthly contract and pay-as-you-go services The organisational structure of the company reflects a series of industry mergers, contracts and technical initiatives.

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom, a German telecommunications company, bought Mercury One2One in 1999 and renamed the service "T-Mobile" three years later. T-Mobile UK is controlled through T-Mobile International, a subsidiary company owned wholly by Deutsche Telekom. Financial details for T-Mobile UK, together with any references to management policy on organisational structure, are in Deutsche Telekom's annual reports.

General structure

In broad organisational terms, T-Mobile UK forms part of Deutsche Telekom's European mobile communications network. The other parts of this structure are communications operations in Germany and the United States, and a communications service called Systems Solutions. All four parts of the structure report directly to the Deutsche Telekom Group.

Joint venture

T-Mobile UK became a joint venture in 2009 when Deutsche Telekom began the process of combining it with the Orange UK mobile network owned by France Telecom. The merger concluded in April 2010. Under the deal, both the T-Mobile UK and Orange UK brands continued to exist, but under a newly founded parent company, EE, formerly known as Everything Everywhere.


In October 2012, EE launched a 4G network. Following this, it began rebranding Orange UK and T-Mobile UK high street shops as EE. However, the T-Mobile UK side of EE remained part of the Deutsche Telekom organisational structure.

Virgin Mobile

A further aspect of T-Mobile UK's organisational structure is its contract with Virgin Mobile. This has enabled Virgin Mobile to use T-Mobile UK's network since it's formation in 1999, when T-Mobile was still branded as Mercury One2One. Virgin Mobile now uses the EE network.


T-Mobile UK has based the organisation of its senior management structure on the need to control investments, ensure projects are successful and achieve growth and profitability. The company shares 11,000 retail and service employees with Orange and EE based in more than 600 high street shops.

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