How to Unlock a Nokia 6310i Security Code

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Though one of Nokia's older models, the discontinued Nokia 6310i has a long-lasting battery and a GPRS, is e-mail capable and has both Bluetooth and Infrared connectivity. Like other Nokia handsets, The Nokia 6310i allows users to restrict unauthorised access and usage with its security code feature. On the downside, security codes can be lost, which can be frustrating. With no cable needed, you can simply reset and unlock your Nokia 6310i with a generated "Master Code," a code you can find by using a free online calculating tool.

Log on to your computer and access the UnlockMe website found in the resources section.

Type *#06# on your Nokia 6310i to display your handset's 15-digit serial/ IMEI number. Note it down.

Enter the IMEI number in the appropriate field on the Web page.

Click on "Get Master Code." After the Web page reloads, note down the generated master code.

Key in the 10-digit "Master Code" when prompted by the phone to enter "Phone Lock Code" or "Security Code" to unlock the Nokia 6310i.

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