Photo Frames for Kids to Make

Photo frames are an easy and enjoyable craft for children to make as gifts, rainy day projects, or party activities. When complete, the frames can hold your child's favourite photo, poem or drawing. Your child can use simple household items and transform them into an adorable and treasured keepsake.

CD Case Photo Frame

Clear CD cases that are not in use can find new life as a homemade photo frame. Remove any paper inserts and have your child decorate the outside edges of the front cover of the case. She can use glue to adhere trimmed fabric and jewels, or decorate with paint or stickers. When complete, insert a photo inside the case that has been trimmed to fit.

Popsicle Stick Frame

Have your child glue together four Popsicle sticks in the shape of a square. Eight may also be used, for a double-edged frame, which allows more room to decorate. Once the glue has dried and the frame is stable, he can then paint, colour or decorate it with glued-on items such as pennies, stickers, seashells or elbow macaroni.

Puzzle Piece Frame

Help your child select an old puzzle that she no longer wants to keep. Have her complete enough of the puzzle so that it covers the photo to be framed with excess coverage around the edges. Next have her remove the pieces in the middle to reveal the photo underneath. Slide a piece of cardboard underneath the photo and puzzle frame, position as preferred, and glue together.

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