Jungle Art Activities for Two-Year Olds

Updated April 17, 2017

Take 2-year-olds on a trip through the jungle with jungle-themed art projects that let them express their creativity and develop fine motor skills. Use everyday objects, materials from the arts and crafts store, travel magazines and photographs of jungle animals to introduce them to an exciting jungle adventure. Encourage 2-year-olds to interpret what they see in their own ways as they navigate through the lesson.

King of the Jungle Mask

Give each child a paper plate and some brown tempera paint. Have him cover the back side of the plate with paint. Use scissors to cut openings in the plate for him to see through, and help him glue fake fur on the edges of the plate to complete his lion mask. A variation of this activity is to have each child make a tropical bird mask. The child can paint the back of a paper plate with blue, red or yellow paint. Then use scissors to cut openings in the plate for the child to see through. Ask the child to glue brightly coloured feathers to the top of the mask.

Jungle Collage

Cover a large corkboard with green paper, cut paper leaves and an assortment of colourful jungly-looking items. Give each child an outline drawing of a jungle animal, printed from the computer or from a colouring book. Encourage the children to colour and decorate the pages as they please using crayons or paint. Hang the animal drawings on the corkboard jungle.

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