How to Configure the LG NAS Time Machine

Written by jedadiah casey | 13/05/2017

Many LG network attached storage devices feature Apple Time Machine compatibility. The LG NAS device functions as an Apple Filing Protocol server and can therefore appear on the local network as a Time Machine-capable file server. With Time Machine functionality enabled in the LG NAS, multiple Apple computers can simultaneously back up their files over the network with the Time Machine application. You can enable the Time Machine capability within the LG NAS by using the Web-based administrative interface.

Open a Web browser and visit the LG NAS device's configuration page.

Click "Time Machine" under the "Service" category.

Click "Enable," and then check the volume for which you want Time Machine to be used.

Click "Apply."

Click the "System Preferences" icon on the dock of the Mac.

Click "Time Machine."

Click "Select Disk," then double-click the LG NAS device in the listing. Time Machine now automatically backs up to the LG NAS.

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