How to Fix Action Replay on the DSi

Updated April 17, 2017

The Action Replay, manufactured by Datel, is a device used to download cheat codes for Nintendo DS games onto your Nintendo DSi. Because the cheat codes are often created by other game players and not by Nintendo, the codes can occasionally cause problems and errors in your Action Replay unit. A red screen when your DSi boots up or an "ARLE System Error" requires resetting the hardware; other errors can be resolved as well so you can play your system once again.

Disconnect your Action Replay unit from the DSi console.

Connect the Action Replay unit to your computer via the universal serial bus (USB) cable. One end of the USB cable will fit into the Action Replay, the other connects to the USB port on your computer.

Double-click the icon for the Action Replay software to open the program on your computer.

Click the green, yellow, red and blue dots at the top left corner of the Action Replay program. This will open a drop-down menu.

Click the "About Action Replay DSi Code Manager..." option from the drop-down menu. A dialogue box will appear.

Select "Reset Hardware" from the dialogue box.

Check your Internet connection. Verify that your Internet cable is plugged in and you are receiving information from the Web. If your Internet connection is not causing the problem, move to Step 2.

Update the Code Manager software to the newest version. If this does not fix the problem, continue to Step 3.

Disable your antivirus, firewall or malware protection software, as these programs can interfere with your connection. If the "Load Failed" message still appears, try Step 4.

Check for a file called "online_subscriptions.xml" on your computer. Press the "Windows" key and the letter "E" simultaneously, which will open Windows Explorer. Select "C:" on the left side of the explorer, which will open your local drive. Choose the following folders in order: "Documents," "Datel" and "Action Replay DSi Code Manager." Look for the .xml file. If it isn't there, download the file from the Datel website.

Disconnect your Action Replay unit from the Nintendo DSi console.

Connect the Action Replay to your computer via the USB cable, plugging one end into the unit and the other into the USB port on your computer.

Open the "Code Manager" software.

Check the list of codes in your Action Replay unit. They are listed on the left side of the software program window. Ensure that you have correct codes for the game you are attempting to play. Click and drag the game listing from the section on the right to the code list on the left to update the codes.

Disconnect the Action Replay from your computer and reconnect the device to your DSi.


Ensure you have correct cheat codes before resetting your Action Replay. If problems occur immediately after inputting new cheat codes, remove the new codes and see if the problem is resolved.

Things You'll Need

  • Nintendo DSi
  • Action Replay
  • USB cable
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