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How to check a PS3 for a virus

Updated February 21, 2017

The Sony PlayStation 3 has a built-in Internet browser that allows you to view content online, just as you do with a standard computer. Although not likely, it is possible to obtain a virus on your PS3. Because the programming for the PS3 is different than on a PC or Mac, the virus must be made specifically for a PS3 to attach itself to the PS3 gaming system. If you are concerned, there are a few methods of checking for viruses on your PlayStation 3.

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  1. Power on your Sony PlayStation 3. If the PS3's main menu does not load up, you have a virus on the system.

  2. Push the directional arrow buttons on your PS3 remote until you select the "Gaming" content on the system. This displays all of the video games you have downloaded and the disc currently inserted into the system. If there is a file you do not recognise and know you didn't download yourself it is most likely a virus.

  3. Open your Internet browser (located on the right of the menu under the "Network" content). If your Internet browser does not load even if you are connected to the Internet, you have a virus on your system.

  4. Tip

    Remove all viruses from your PS3 by performing a system restore. This deletes all files from your system, so only do this if you are sure you have a virus on the PS3. Select the "Settings" option and choose "Restore PS3 System."

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