How to Use a DS Fire Card

The DS Fire Card is a flashcard for use with the Nintendo DS and DS Lite handheld video game systems. The DS Fire card enables music, video and e-book functions on the DS through the Moonshell media player, which comes both pre-installed on the card or can be downloaded online.

Unlike many other DS flashcards, the DS Fire card features variable amounts of internal memory, eliminating the need for a microSD card.

Insert the DS Fire Card into the slot used for DS games and the DS Fire Link cartridge into the system's Gameboy Advance port.

Plug one end of the USB cord that comes with the DS Fire Card into the DS Fire Link cartridge and the other into a USB port on your computer. The computer will recognise the cartridge as if it were any kind of USB-compatible flash drive.

Start the system and select the "USB Mode" option to begin adding content to the DS Fire card. When a black screen with information about the DS Fire card appears on the DS, move to your computer.

Copy and paste whatever content you want to move from your computer's hard drive onto your DS Fire Card. The card comes with "NDS" and "System" folders already created. The "System" folder houses important operating information for the card and the "NDS" folder is where games or apps should be copied.

Remove the USB cord from the DS Fire Link cartridge. The DS Fire Link cartridge can remain in the system or also be removed. The "Menu" option should be selected to access games.