Problems With Port Royale 2 for Windows

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Port Royale 2 was created by Ascaron and released in 2004. It was well-received by both critics and players. The game gives the player control over 17th-century towns' production and overseas trade routes, operating similar to a business simulator. A few bugs have caused issues for players, especially with Windows Vista and 7 because the game was created for play on Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP.

Copy Protection

Some versions of the game are incompatible with Windows Vista and 7 because of Ascaron's copy protection on some of the first game versions. The only solutions are to run the game on Windows XP or to purchase a newer version of the game.

DLL File Not Found

The error message "msvcrt.dll not found" indicates that a required file is missing. The needed file is included in Windows and you can copy it into the game directory. The file is located at "%systemdrive%"\WINDOWS\System32\msvcrt.dll." You must copy it into the directory, usually located at "%systemdrive%\Program Files\Port Royale 2\" or "%systemdrive%\Program Files x86\Port Royale 2."


The error messages "Ascaron Exception: Error loading archives!" and "translation files not found" are often due to a faulty installation or a game crash. To resolve this, you must reinstall the game.

Additional Notes

If you need to copy the "msvcrt.dll," ensure that you do copy it. If the file is removed from the "System32" folder, you may encounter serious errors in Windows. The designation "%systemdrive%" indicates the drive Windows is installed on, usually the "C" drive. If you reinstall the game, some users recommend that you turn off your firewall and your antivirus programs; do this at your own risk.

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