How to Install DRL LED Strips

Updated July 20, 2017

Daytime running lights, also known as DRLs, are installed on modern vehicles to increase their visibility. Most vehicles have one of two types of DRLs: either they use the headlights at a reduced setting or have a separate DRL assembly. To install LED DRLs, you will need to remove the DRL assembly and replace it with a new LED assembly. If your vehicle uses its headlights for DRLs, you will need to replace the whole headlight assembly.

Open the bonnet of your vehicle. Disconnect the battery by using a socket wrench to remove the negative terminal.

Unplug the wiring connector from either the headlight assembly or the DRL assembly. On most vehicles, the DRL assembly is located underneath the headlight assembly. To remove the connector, simply squeeze its plastic tabs and pull it off the assembly.

Remove the retainers from the assembly. These are usually screws, but depending on the vehicle, they can also be bolts. Use a socket wrench or screwdriver to remove the screws or bolts connecting the assembly to the vehicle.

Lift the headlight or DRL assembly out of the engine compartment. Place the replacement LED DRL strip assembly into the engine compartment where the old assembly was installed.

Reattach the retainers and reconnect the wiring connector. Reconnect the battery and close the bonnet.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
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