How to Make Your Own Scoreboard Graphic

Updated April 17, 2017

You can create a very simple scoreboard graphic just to convey the score, or you can create elaborate images that will dazzle and impress. By creating your own graphic, you can set the score to reflect anything you want. This is very useful for storytelling, depicting specific moments in games and so on. Elements of the scoreboard that you might want to place on your board include: Team names, current scores, innings or rounds and time remaining.

Open image editing software. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular options, but comes at a hefty price tag. GIMP and InkScape are both powerful free alternatives and can more than do the job of creating a scoreboard graphic.

Create the exterior of the board, then shade in the interior with a background colour.

Paint the areas that will have numbers on them black. Most scoreboards have black backgrounds in the number areas with yellow, green, red or white numbers.

Put a label, such as "Home" and "Visitor" above the score areas to indicate whose score is what.

Add any extra board widgets you want, such as period number, logos and advertisements or clocks.


Applying a slight drop shadow to your numbers can make them look more realistic.

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