How to Unlock the New Professions in "The Guild 2: Renaissance"

Updated March 24, 2017

"The Guild 2: Renaissance" is a historic strategy game that places players in the early years of the renaissance and tasks them with building a politically and economically powerful dynasty. Each character in the game belongs to one of four classes. Within each class the character can follow a number of different professions. A player can focus on a single profession, or branch out into multiple professions. Later, a player can access professions from multiple classes.

Choose your starting character's class when you create it. The four primary classes in the game are the rogue, the patron, the craftsmen and the scholar. All professions in the game are grouped under one of these classes. A character has access to any of the professions belonging to his class.

Click the "Build" button located on the lower left side of the game interface. Each profession gets a separate line of buildings. The exact name of the profession isn't listed in the game but it is fairly self evident from the purpose of the buildings in each line. Select the desired building and pick a place to build it.

Level up your character by gaining experience points. Experience points are gained by completing actions within the game such as buying or improving property, training in your home or interacting with other characters. From the character screen, allocate earned experience points using the "+" button on the right side of the window. Once enough points have been allocated the character will advance in level.

Upgrade the current building once the character has advanced to a high enough level and earned enough money. Upgrading the building will give the character access to the higher level abilities and production items of that particular profession.

Click on the Town Hall and select "Purchase a Title." After a few in-game hours, the town council should award the character with a new title. Higher level titles allow a character to own more than one business, granting access to more professions.

Choose a second building line from the building screen to unlock an additional profession. Either gain enough money and experience to upgrade the two profession buildings, or gain higher titles and purchase new building lines.

Get married. There are several ways to become wedded within the game. Once you have a spouse, move her into the house and select the option to "Spend the Night Together." With luck you and your spouse should produce a child.

Enrol the child in school when she turns four. This will give the child talent points when she grow up.

Send the child to act as an apprentice at a business when he turns eight. If the child completes her apprenticeship, she will take on the class of the business owner she apprenticed under. As an adult the child is added to the controllable characters, giving the player access to all the professions now available to the child's class.

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