How to stop interference on cordless phones

Updated April 17, 2017

If you have ever been disconnected from your cordless phone or received crackling noises from the earpiece, it could be due to interference from electronic devices around your home. From household objects such as microwaves to wireless sound systems, much of the radio spectrum is occupied right in your own home. By relocating certain objects, buying another cordless phone on a different radio spectrum or simply staying away from interfering objects, you can decrease or eliminate interference on your cordless phone.

Purchase a cordless phone that operates on a separate band on the radio spectrum. The outside label on the box will tell you which radio band the phone runs on. Since wireless Internet and microwaves run on the 2.4 GHz band, having a cordless phone that is on the 900MHz or 5 GHz band will stop any interference that results from sharing bands.

Avoid speaking on your cordless phone while next to a microwave, wireless speakers, video transmitters, satellite receivers or anything that emits radio frequencies. When you get within the vicinity of the frequency, the phone's earpiece will begin to make a crackling, distorted noise. If the frequency signal is strong enough, it could even disconnect your call.

Separate the wireless router from the base station of your cordless phone. Relocating either the wireless router or base station to a separate room, preferably on separate floors as well, can eliminate interfering signals.

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