How to troubleshoot idect phone problems

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The iDect digital cordless phone comes with both the phone and a charging base, ready to use in your home. Connect to a direct exchange line or an extension socket connected to a direct exchange line. Ensure a strong radio signal between the handheld phone and the base unit by eliminating large metal objects or solid structures between them. Use the main adaptor to keep the base unit plugged in, and keep the base unit on at all times. By following safety and usage precautions, you can prevent and solve problems with the iDect phone.

Check the basic connections between the phone and the base unit, making sure the base unit is plugged in and the main power is switched on. Replace the batteries if necessary.

Press the "Hang up" button on the phone to turn the phone on. If you can't make or answer calls, try moving the phone closer to the base unit, check the battery level and switch off power and switch it back on.

Check that the phone's keypad is not locked. Press the "Lock" button and hold for 2 seconds, or put the phone into the base unit. The keypad should unlock.

Move the base unit to a different location if you're having trouble obtaining or keeping a signal. You can also try moving the unit to a higher floor in your home. Also, keep the phone well within range of the base unit while on a call, especially if you hear beeping or interference.

Check the socket to see if it's working properly. Unplug the iDect and plug in another phone. If that phone doesn't work, you may need to call a service technician for the socket.

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