The disadvantages of gprs

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The General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) provides millions of cell phones with access to a data network that connects to the Internet through a wireless switch from a cell phone service provider. Despite the exciting features of GPRS technology, there are disadvantages that could discourage some customers. Despite its problems, GPRS still has a strong grip on the public.


Most GPRS connections run slower than 56K connections on a computer because of the limitations of the GPRS technology. Although certain enhancements exist that help raise the bar, the speed does not compare to using a wired network connection or an alternative mobile Internet connection.


You might notice that your GPRS connection sometimes moves faster than others. This happens because of the voice traffic load on the base station you use for your connection. If many people talk on their phones at the same time in your area, you might have problems with your GPRS communication. Voice calls have a higher priority than data packet transmissions, essentially giving you fluctuations in your connection speed.

Distance Factor

While you might have strong GPRS coverage in one location, you might notice a drop in performance as you move because of the distance factor involved in GPRS technology. The farther away you are from a base station, the more your performance drops. This problem happens less frequently in urban areas.

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