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The Disadvantages of Landline Phones

Updated April 17, 2017

Since the advent of the mobile phone, landlines find themselves in a battle to stay relevant and necessary. Once a technological revolution, today there isn't much a landline can do that a cell phone can't. If you are trying to decide on whether or not to go strictly wireless, here are a few disadvantages of keeping your landline.

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Extra Cost

With most people carrying a cell phone these days, having an additional landline could be seen as a superfluous expense. Cell phones now have the technology to do everything a landline can do and more.

Telephone Lines

All across the country, highways and landscapes are traced by large telephone poles which carry the lines. These lines are the arteries of landlines, and are susceptible to severance in bad weather conditions. If one telephone pole goes down—taking with it the wires—an entire community, neighbourhood or city could be affected.


Landlines typically do not offer much mobility. Even when a cordless-type landline is being used, the user typically cannot stray more than a couple hundred yards from the phone's base, leading to a loss of convenience.

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