How to Make a Cartoon Character Using Clay

Updated April 17, 2017

Add dimension to your favourite cartoon character by creating a clay sculpture. It doesn't matter whether the character is man, woman, child, animal or none of the above. With the magic of sculpting you can make unique, three-dimensional renderings that will have both you and your children enjoying the art of sculpture. After creating the cartoon character's figure, you can add colour to the model, making it lifelike.

Select several reference pictures that show the cartoon character from a variety of angles.

Pinch a piece of clay off the clay block. Roll it between your palms to create a sphere. Use your fingers or a clay modelling tool to mould the character's head. Pinch small pieces of clay from the block, shape them and add them to the head, if necessary, to create ears.

Pinch a large section of clay away from the block. Roll the clay between your palms to create an oval shape. Using the various reference pictures as a guide, mould the piece of clay into a shape resembling the cartoon character's body.

Attach the cartoon's head to the torso, using an oval-shaped piece of clay.

Create the character's arms and legs. Roll each of the four clay pieces into dowel shapes between your palms. Attach the arms and legs to the torso. Mold the arms and legs, using the reference picture as a guide.

Make any final adjustments to the character before firing it in the kiln.

Things You'll Need

  • Reference picture
  • Clay block
  • Moulding tools
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