How to Make Your Own Pin Board

Updated June 19, 2018

A pinboard is a padded board designed to hold photographs, notes or other pieces of inspiration without taping or pinning them. You can purchase a pinboard at the store, but if you make your own, you can customise the size, shape and design and make it exactly what you want. You can make a variety of pinboards for different parts of your home or make one for work or as a special gift for a friend.

Cut your fabric batting to the size of your corkboard, minus the frame if it has one.

Lay the fabric batting on the front of your corkboard and smooth it down flat.

Cut your fabric so that it is a few inches larger than your corkboard in each direction.

Lay your fabric on the front of the corkboard over the batting with the right side of the fabric facing out.

Smooth the fabric and turn your corkboard over.

Staple or glue the edges of the fabric to the back side of the board. Pull the fabric tight and check the front to make sure there aren't any wrinkles.

Pin strips of ribbon onto your board in the pattern that you want.

Staple or glue the ends of the ribbon when you are satisfied with the way it looks.

Tuck your photographs or mementos into the ribbons to hold them in place.


Instead of corkboard, you can use foam core, plywood or pieces of cardboard to make the core of your pinboard. Embellish your pinboard with ribbon, lace, buttons or unique pushpins. Use cotton or another nonelastic fabric to cover your pinboard.


Do not get your fingers in the way of the stapler or glue gun.

Things You'll Need

  • Cork board with or without frame
  • Low loft batting or blanket
  • Fabric
  • Glue or stapler
  • Ribbon
  • Pins
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