How to Use a PS3 Controller for "FIFA 10"

Written by brenton shields
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How to Use a PS3 Controller for "FIFA 10"
You can control "FIFA 10" using the PlayStation 3's basic controller scheme. (Junko Kimura/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

"FIFA Soccer '10" is made for numerous consoles, including the PlayStation 3. It features dozens of teams and stadiums, along with a variety of game modes -- from exhibition to season mode. The PS3 controls are fairly straightforward and easy to learn, but require practice.

Skill level:


    Running and Shooting

  1. 1

    Use the left analogue stick to move your player around the field while dribbling. Hold the "L2" button to determine how fast he moves. The stick is pressure sensitive, so the harder you hold it, the faster you'll move.

  2. 2

    Hold the "R2" button while dribbling to sprint. You can only sprint as long as your player's endurance holds out (some players can sprint longer). Press the "R2" button while not moving to shield the ball from opposing players.

  3. 3

    Press "X" to perform a short pass to a teammate and "Square" for a lob pass. Lob passes are more useful for going over opposing players' heads, but the passes are much slower. Press "Triangle" to dribble through an opposing player.

  4. 4

    Press "L1" while dribbling to stop and face the opposing goalie. Press "Circle" to shoot the ball. It is pressure sensitive, so the harder you press it, the harder your player will shoot. Press "Circle" while the ball is being passed toward you to headbutt it or volley it off your chest.

    Defensive Controls

  1. 1

    Use the left analogue stick to move your player around the field. Use the right analogue stick or "L1" button to switch between different players. Hold "R2" to sprint.

  2. 2

    Press "X" to press upon a player with the ball and "Square" to perform a sliding tackle.

  3. 3

    Press the "Circle" button to initiate a double-team on an offensive player. Your nearest defender will come to help you.


  1. 1

    Use the left analogue stick to move around the goalie box. Use it to aim your throws and kicks when you have the ball, too.

  2. 2

    Press "X" to throw the ball back into the field of play or use "Square" or "Circle" to drop-kick it.

  3. 3

    Hold down the "Triangle" button to charge forward with the ball, double tap it to not leave the goalie box, or tap it once to drop the ball.

    Throwing In

  1. 1

    Use the left analogue stick to aim your throw in.

  2. 2

    Press "L1" to toggle the receiver of the throw-in. This will impact the direction you throw the ball.

  3. 3

    Press "X" for a short throw in and "Square" for a longer, lobbed throw-in.

    Penalty Kicks

  1. 1

    Use the left analogue stick to either aim your shot as the shooter or dive forward to block the shot as the goalkeeper.

  2. 2

    Use the right analogue stick to move your goalie along the goalie box line.

  3. 3

    Press "Circle" to shoot the ball if you are the shooter. The button is pressure sensitive.

Tips and warnings

  • There are numerous other controls to the game aside from the basics. Practice with the controls and use combinations of the shoulder buttons ("R2," "R1," "L2," "L1") to pick up on the advance moves.

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