Laser Challenge Pro Instructions

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Laser Challenge Pro is a "laser blaster" with high-tech features, such as a "unique 'red dot' laser targeting system," according to product information, that allows users to see where they're aiming. Players score points by shooting the sensor on opponents barrels. The gun comes in two difficulties: Beginner and Pro. The beginner difficulty widens the blast beam to make hit registration easier. Play with any number of players in either team mode, in which team A competes against team B, or single-player mode, in which all players compete against each other.

Install the batteries. Remove the battery cover located on the blaster's handle using a screwdriver. Insert 3 AA batteries into the handle and re-tighten the battery cover.

Turn the blaster's power switch to the "On" position and press the "Reset" button.

Move the blaster's mode select to A, B or C. Team mode consists of A and B. Those with their blasters set to A are team A, while those with their blasters set to B are team B. Selecting C beings the free-for-all mode.

Move the difficulty knob to "Pro" or "Beginner."

Reload the blaster by pressing the "Reload" button once. The button is located on the right side of the blaster and provides 25 shots. Players may reload as often as they choose without consequence.

Fire the blaster by squeezing the trigger. In "Single" mode, each squeeze fires the blaster once. In "Auto" mode, the blaster fires continuously as long as you squeeze the trigger.

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