How to Know if a Male Friend Is Attracted to You

Updated April 17, 2017

The fine line between friendship and attraction can be difficult to detect but very easy to cross. Guys in particular will often treat friends they have feelings for differently from those they do not. If you are wondering whether or not a male friend is attracted to you, you may have already picked up on certain signals and behaviours that could indicate his interest.

Observe the duration and manner of his eye contact. If he is attracted to you, his eye contact will not waver when you are speaking to him. Notice his facial expressions during the course of your conversation. His eyes may take on a softer, more relaxed appearance around you, showing approachability and interest. Around friends he is not attracted to, his facial expression will seem more aloof, and he will be more easily distracted.

Notice whether he tries to impress you. If your male friend feels an attraction for you, he will care about your opinion of him. Watch for body language clues such as smoothing his tie, touching his hair or standing up straighter and taller when you are around him. He may also attempt to brag about his achievements in a conversation with you.

Notice his physical behaviour toward you. A male friend who is attracted to you will stand in closer proximity to you than to his other friends. Observe whether he finds excuses to touch you, such as guiding you through a crowd of people, brushing lint off of your clothing, or going out of his way to hug you.

Ask for your male friend's help with something small, even if you are able to handle it yourself. If he seems eager to assist you in any way, he is most likely attracted to you. A guy will typically want to feel needed by a friend he has feelings for.

Watch for flirtation and teasing. Notice whether he laughs at your jokes, comments on what you say or hangs on your every word during conversations. Since he has already established a friendship with you, he may feel comfortable lightly teasing you, which is a strong sign that he feels attracted to you.


Be aware of your own feelings. If you are attracted to your male friend, you may subconsciously interpret natural politeness and casual friendliness as signs of affection. Be honest with yourself and try to stay objective when you observe his behaviour.

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