How to Send a DM to All My Followers on Twitter

Updated July 13, 2018

If you have less than 250 followers, you can send them all a direct message (DM) at once using a free service such as the Twitter Mass Direct Message Sender. If you have more than 250 followers, you can break up your list and send them the same DM over the course of a few days. Another website called Tweet Guru offers the same service, but at the time of publication it limits the number of recipients to 12 at one time. To make it easier inputting your list into a mass DM sender, first export your list of followers to a spreadsheet.

Gather a list of your followers. You can do this manually if you do not have many followers by logging onto Twitter and clicking "Followers." Copy and paste each name to a spreadsheet or text document. Save the document for future use.

Download a list of your followers if you have too many to copy and paste manually. Websites like Friend or Follow, and Tweet Scan Backup allow you to export a list of your followers into a spreadsheet. You will need a program like Microsoft Excel or another software capable of opening files in .csv format.

Copy up to 250 usernames from the spreadsheet by pressing "Ctrl-C" on your keyboard. Do not include an "@" symbol before names.

Open a Web browser and go to the Twitter Mass Direct Message Sender page of the Vibe Themes website.

Paste the list of followers into the text field by pressing "Ctrl-V" on your keyboard. Click "Add Followers." A new window opens.

Type your Twitter account name and password into the text fields.

Type a message to send to your followers in the "Message" field. Remember not to exceed 140 characters. Click "Submit My Message."


While Twitter does not have a rule against sending automated DM's, they do have a policy against spam. If you have any doubt whether or not your mass DM will be considered spam by your followers, you should reconsider sending it. Read the Twitter rules and terms of services.

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