How to Use the Rik Rak Curl Multistyler

Updated February 21, 2017

The Rik Rak Curl Multistyler is a ceramic hairstyling device developed by Andrew Collinge -- two-time winner of the British Hairdressing Awards and one of today's most sought-after hairdressers. This device comes equipped with four attachments to create a wide variety of styles using only one device. The Rik Rak Curl Multistyler heats up very quickly and has a free swivel cord that makes it easy to use.

Wash and thoroughly dry your hair before using the product. It can reach up to 200 degrees C and should only be used on dry hair to prevent damage.

Insert the styling tip of choice onto the iron's body, and plug the cord into an outlet.

Slide the switch on the side of the device to the desired temperature setting. If you have soft, fine hair, set the slider to a cooler setting. For thicker, coarse hair, set the slider to a hotter setting.

Wait for 30 seconds to allow the device to heat up to its hottest potential. Style your hair as desired with the styling tip. The results will vary depending on what kind of attachment you are using.

Turn the device off and wait for it to cool before storing.

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