How to Do Streaks on Bangs

Updated November 21, 2016

Hair fringe are a fashionable hairstyle choice for many women. If you would like your fringe to stand out, then you can add streaks or highlights to your fringe to give them shine and polish and make a dramatic, bold statement. The process of creating streaks in your fringe is not laborious since you are working with a small section of hair that will process colour quickly.

Determine what colour streaks you would like on your fringe. If you have light brown hair, then you may go for a more vivid blond for streaks, and for darker hair you may choose reddish-coloured streaks. Red streaks work well with auburn- and darker-coloured hair as well.

Purchase a highlighting kit from your local grocery, discount or health and beauty store. Highlighting kits are relatively inexpensive and are designed for you to use them at home.

Do not wash your hair for at least one day before putting streaks on your fringe, as the colour will take better on unwashed hair. Comb out your fringe perfectly straight so you can get a good idea of where to place the streaks on your fringe.

Mix the highlighting solution according to the package directions of your highlighting kit, and be sure to wear protective latex gloves before applying highlights. Latex gloves should be included in your highlighting kit, but if not, then purchase a pair to use when highlighting.

Use a highlighting comb or brush to apply the highlights to your fringe. If you are wanting a more vivid all-over streaking of your fringe, then apply the highlights close together on your fringe. If you want chunkier streaks or highlights on your fringe, then apply the streaks to a fairly large chunk of your fringe and leave about a half-inch of space between the streaks.

Let your fringe process the colour for the recommended time per package instructions. If you are not sure of processing time, then do a patch test on a piece of hair at the back of your head before you begin applying streaks to your fringe to see how long it will take your hair to process the colour.

Rinse the highlighting solution out of your fringe and condition with hair conditioner. Blow-dry your fringe so you can see how your streaks appear on dry hair. Streaks in fringe will lend definition and brilliance to your hairstyle and add dimension to your face-framing fringe.


Give your streaks time to settle in your hair. If you are not pleased with your streaks, wait at least one to two weeks before reprocessing your hair.


Be sure to read all directions thoroughly on the highlighting kit before putting streaks on your fringe. If you are not sure how to apply streaks to fringe, then go to a local beauty salon and have them professionally applied to your fringe by a skilled colour specialist.

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