How to Blouse Military Trousers

Updated February 21, 2017

Blouse military trousers to keep foreign materials from entering the trousers and boots of soldiers and marines in the field. Civilians also blouse their trousers for similar reasons, or to present a military appearance. Trousers are bloused outside the boots to keep boot laces from becoming fouled with mud or snow.

Put trousers and boots on as normal.

Wrap the elastic boot bands around the outside of your boots between the first and second speed lace hook. The hook will prevent the band from creeping over your boot and onto your leg. Boot bands are small bungee cords with hooks at each end. They are available at most Army/Navy stores or online vendors.

Fold the cuff of your trousers in and up, toward your leg, and tuck the cuff up between the boot band and the boot. The boot band will be between two layers of trouser material and not visible.

Adjust the cuff of your trousers around the boot so the blousing spreads evenly around your leg.


If your trousers have drawstrings or ties at the cuff, you can cut them out easily. Hold both ties in one hand so that the trousers are hanging by the tie. Cut the tie with a pair of scissors. The rest of the ties will be hidden inside the drawstring tunnel. Your trousers need to be long enough that when bloused bending your knees does not pull them out of the boot bands.


Do not tuck trousers into boots. This can create pressure points, discomfort and blisters on your calf. This also does nothing to prevent foreign materials from entering your boots.

Things You'll Need

  • Military style trousers
  • Boots with speed laces or hooks at the top
  • Boot bands
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