How to Make Holes in Slingback Shoes

Written by veronica maier | 13/05/2017
How to Make Holes in Slingback Shoes
Adding a hole to your slingback shoes requires only a small tool and a few minutes of your time. ( Images)

The slingback shoes elegant straps are meant to grace the ankle and heel of the foot, but often the straps are too long and slip off the heel, causing uncomfortable walking and requiring regular adjustment. Adding another hole or two to the strap prevents the slippage and makes the shoes much more comfortable.

Choose a tool for your hole application. The awl is a traditional shoemaker's tool shaped like a geometry protractor used for the express purpose of making holes in items such as shoe straps, belts and purses. The awl leaves a clean hole, without the jagged line left by household items. An actual protractor may be used in substitution for an awl.??Another "tool" that will make an additional hole in your slingback shoe is a thin drill bit. Hold your different sized bits to the holes already in the straps to find the correct size. If the hole made is too large, you risk breaking the strap off entirely. ?Scissors are not recommended for slingback shoes, as you might pierce a large hole, or slice through the strap entirely.

Wipe off the shoe. Take a lint-free cloth and wipe down the shoe, to ensure a clean working surface.

Measure and mark the hole location. Using a tape measure or ruler, measure and record the distance between the other holes in the strap. If you are seeking a more precise fit than the distance between the holes, thread the strap through the buckle and make an indention where the hole should go.

Pierce the new hole. Slowly apply pressure to the marked location with your designated tool until the material gives and a small hole is created.

Test the new hole location. Thread the strap through the buckle and buckle the shoe. Walk around in your slingback shoes to ensure the correct fit.

Things you need

  • Awl, protractor or thin drill bit

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