How to Transfer Game Saves From the SNesoid to an SNES Emulator

Updated July 19, 2017

SNesoid is a Super Nintendo emulator designed to run on Android-based mobile phones and devices. SNesoid uses ROM files to load and play video games as they would run on the original Super Nintendo system. The emulator uses .sav files to save your progress in the game. Many other emulators use save files with the .srm extension. Save files can be transferred to a computer and renamed to be used on a different PC-based emulator.

Connect the Android device to the computer by plugging the Android device into a compatible USB cable and plug the cord into the computer. The device should appear as a removable drive on the computer. If an SD or other memory card is installed on the device, the card and device may appear as two separate drives, depending on the device.

Navigate to the SNesoid ROM directory. The ROM directory is where you originally saved the ROM files used to play games on SNesoid. On Android phones, the ROM directory will most likely be located on the memory expansion card.

Copy the .sav file to the PC's ROM directory. Each saved game will have an associated .sav file. Copy and paste, or click and drag, the .sav file to you computer's ROM directory.

Left-click, or, on a Mac, control-click the .sav file and select "Rename." Change the .sav file extension to .srm. Select "OK" or "Change extension" if the computer asks you to verify the file change. Saved files in the .srm format must have the exact same file name as the associated ROM file.


Save files may also be transferred to the computer by removing the device's memory card and plugging the card into a compatible memory card reader connected to the computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Android device
  • Compatible USB cable
  • Computer
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