How to downsize a jpeg

Updated April 17, 2017

Modern digital cameras have a high resolution and therefore create photos with a large file size, which can quickly fill up your hard drive. If you have a large photo collection, you might want to decrease the size of the JPEG pictures on your hard drive to regain drive space. You might also want to resize a JPEG picture to upload it to a Web server or to send it as an e-mail attachment. You can do so in Paint, the graphics editor native to Windows.

Click "Start" on your taskbar, and type "Paint" in the search box. Press "Enter" to launch the program.

Click on the "Paint" menu, and select "Open." Use the file browser to find the photo you want to downsize.

Click on "Resize" under the "Image" category in the "Home" tab.

Activate the check box next to "Maintain aspect ratio." This will prevent Paint from distorting your photo while resizing it. Then type a new value in the "Height" or "Width" field. You must type that value as a percentage of the original size of your picture. For example, typing "30" will resize your picture so that it occupies 30% of the size of the original photo.

Click "OK" to finish resizing your JPEG photo. Then press "Ctrl" and "S" simultaneously to save your photo.

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