How to Draw a Dying Flower

Updated April 17, 2017

A flower is a symbol of life and beauty enjoyed by people throughout the world. With vivid colours and captivating fragrances, it is no wonder that we admire the flower and feel the inclination to depict its beauty in art. A dying flower is as equally powerful a symbol as a flourishing one, representing decline and disappointment, while still remaining beautiful in a different way. The ability to draw a dying flower is useful both in realistic sketches and symbolic artwork.

Draw two roughly parallel lines up from the bottom of the page, slightly angled to the left. This forms the stem of the flower. Curve the lines as they near the top of the page, so that the top of the stem finishes by pointing down and to the left.

Draw a teardrop shape pointing at a downward angle from just below where the stem starts curving. This makes a leaf on the flower stem. Erase any part of the stem covered by the leaf to give the appearance of the leaf being in front of the stem.

Draw the petals of the flower as overlapping oblong shapes from the end of the stem, pointing the same direction as the end of the stem or slightly angled down from it. Making the oblong shapes wider and more bell-shaped will give the flower more the appearance of being a rose, whereas longer and thinner oblongs will give more the appearance of a daisy. Find a picture of the specific flower you want to draw in order to determine the exact shape of the petals.

Erase any parts of the stem that the petals overlap.

Shade in the stem to give the appearance of forest green, then shade the petals more lightly.


Study the shapes in a picture of the specific flower you want to draw in order to have more realistic details in your drawing.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil or other drawing implement
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