How to tenderize pork chops

Updated April 17, 2017

Pork chops aren't what they used to be. In response to consumers' increased interest in healthier eating, pork is raised to be about 30 per cent leaner than it was a few decades ago. While this decrease in fat may be good news for the waistline, it can lead to meat that is less flavourful and less tender. No one wants tough pork chops, but luckily they can be tenderised and still remain healthful and delicious.

Flatten the pork chop slightly by pounding it with a tenderising mallet. Other blunt objects, such as a heavy pan or rolling pin, will also work. Flattening helps break down the muscle fibres, making the meat more tender.

Marinade the pork chops. Let the chops sit for about an hour in a marinade that contains tenderising ingredients, such as citrus juice, vinegar or yoghurt.

Cook the pork chops for the correct amount of time. Overcooked pork chops will become extremely dry and lose their tenderness.


Marinating the pork chops too long can make the meat mushy.

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