How to Send a Text Message From a PC to T-Mobile

Updated March 23, 2017

You can send a text message to a T-Mobile customer even if you do not have a mobile phone. Online text messaging services, such as Text 'Em and Send a Text Online, allow site visitors to send a free text message from a PC to mobile phones. The allowed length for the text message varies by service. The text messages sent from an online messaging service usually arrive on the T-Mobile phone within a minute of being sent.

Open a Web browser and go to

Enter the recipient's T-Mobile 10-digit mobile phone number in the "To" field.

Enter your e-mail address and the subject of the text in the appropriate field.

Click the "Select Carrier" drop-down list and then click "T-Mobile/Voicestream."

Enter the text in the body, and click "Send Message." Limit the message to 100 characters. Click "No Thanks" on the next two web pages. The message will be sent to the T-Mobile phone.

Open a Web browser. Navigate to

Enter your name and e-mail address in the appropriate fields.

Enter the recipient's T-Mobile phone number, and select "T-Mobile" from the "Recipient Wireless Carrier" drop-down list.

Enter the text message in the body of the message. Limit the text to 140 characters.

Enter the CAPTCHA code or security image as it is appears in the box below the text and click "Send Message."

Open a Web browser. Navigate to

Enter the recipient's 10-digit T-Mobile phone number in the appropriate field.

Click "T-Mobile/Voice Stream" in the "Mobile Carrier" drop-down list.

Enter the text message in the "Message field." Limit the text to 155 characters. Enter the security image in the field indicated, and check the "Terms of Use" box.

Click "Send Message" to send the text to the T-Mobile phone.

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